A mum of three has launched an app which aims to transform the Halal dining experience.

Siddika Jaffer is the founder of The Halal Dining Club – an app which aims to transform the Halal dining experience for Muslim diners around the world.

Siddika launched The Halal Dining Club in July last year and has since secured over £200,000 in crowdfunding and has been backed by a number of prestigious investors.

She developed the idea while she was living in Singapore and studying for a Masters in Innovation.

She said, “Halal is such a big area and as a brand it is actually bigger than Apple or Google.

“Despite this, if you are Muslim, trying to find Halal dining options can be a painful experience and often you’ll just stick to the salad option.

“We wanted to change this and make finding great Halal restaurants easy for everyone.”

With global Halal spending expected to rise from $1.6 trillion to $2.6 trillion over the next six years, Siddika hopes The Halal Dining Club can also provide restaurants, cafes and food brands with better data on Halal consumers.

She added, “By 2030 Muslims are expected to make up 26% of the world’s population yet there was very little data on Halal consumers.

“We want to help businesses, restaurants and brands better understand this market so they can better engage with Muslims”.