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Feb 15, 2017

The Halal Dining Club: A new restaurant review app crowdfunding its way to the top

Connecting halal restaurant owners with hungry customers who want to find exciting new places to eat, The Halal Dining Club is a fast-growing restaurant review app – a one stop solution for diners who can discover, review and book restaurants, with the aim of transforming the end-to-end halal dining experience.

In August last year, The London and Singapore-based tech business successfully completed its first crowdfund, securing more than £200,000 within a week via Crowdcube, and has also received considerable outside investor interest around the raise.

The company’s founder – London mother of three Siddikar Jaffer – is confident she’ll receive even more investor attention in a further funding round for the restaurant review app planned for later this year.

The platform has been growing in popularity in the UK and Singapore, and in 2018 the entrepreneur hopes to expand The Halal Dining Club into new country markets in Asia, the US and Canada, drastically increasing the user base of the restaurant review app.

The concept is simple – to create a single restaurant review app hub for people with certain dietary restrictions to discover new, high-quality places to eat.

As many as 50 per cent of the world’s population lives with some form of dietary restriction, and by far the widest reaching is the need for halal food – that is food prepared in a way which adheres to Islamic laws.

As many as 1.6bn people around the world eat a halal-based diet, and as a halal diner herself, Jaffer understood all too well the difficulties of finding good halal food, and decided to do something about it.

“When you use mainstream food apps, the resulting experience is still frustrating,” she explained. “Like being directed to a single aisle in the supermarket with a limited product range where you may or may not find what you actually want.”

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