ThinkingHatPR are delighted to be working with The Halal Dining Club – a one-stop solution for discovering, booking, and reviewing Halal restaurants for the 427 million Muslims living in non-Muslim countries.

Currently available in the UK and Singapore, The Halal Dining Club was founded by entrepreneur Siddika Jaffer, who wanted to find a way to making Halal dining easier for millions of Muslims and help restaurant owners better understand Halal consumers.

Since launching in 2016 The Halal Dining Club has secured over £200k in crowdfunding investment and backing from business heavyweights including Ash Ali (JustEat’s first Marketing Director) and Arnie Sriskandarajah (Forbes 30 under 30 2016).

In addition to solving a problem faced by millions of Muslim diners, Siddika also believes The Halal Dining Club can have an important positive social impact.

For more information about The Halal Dining Club click here